What is California?

Episode 1: Gov. Jerry Brown

Episode Summary

The podcast premiere of "What is California?" welcomes very special guest Gov. Jerry Brown to talk about legacies, recalls, and life in retirement.

Episode Notes

Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown Jr. is the 34th and 39th governor of California.

"We’re dealing with news. We’re dealing with the Texas abortion statute, a recall, polarization, Obama, Biden, McConnell… This is all the hurlyburly of politics. Government as I experienced it is more mundane. You show up—first of all, you’ve got to hire a staff. The Legislature puts in 4,000 bills. They’ll probably land 1,200 on your desk. You sign 90% of them, but then you’ll have an issue, and reporters will be hounding you about this or that. At the end—and I’ve had the end, twice—of eight years, if you say to yourself, 'Well, what the hell really happened?', it takes a certain amount of humor and insight to formulate a worthwhile answer, in my opinion."

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